Month: November 2017

Nine by Design: Bravo’s Latest Reality Offering

I’m a fan of reality television. I can admit it. Clearly I’m not alone as the field of reality offerings continues to increase. I tend to prefer straight contests like Survivor, Top Chef and Project Runway to straight voyeurism like The Real World or the various Real Housewives. I have friends who like both and […]

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Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro Factory Bundle VS. Boss BR-1600CD Multitrack Digital Recorder

One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful musician is producing a crisp, clean album. In order to keep expenses to the minimum, oftentimes it is prudent to self-record. But trying to go it alone in determining which equipment is the best fit for your needs is daunting, and before long, giving up […]

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Website Design Layout: How to Make a Successful Website

Just like any other web site your design layout can make or break you. First impressions are always the lasting ones. There are many characteristics that make up a good, successful website. With today’s technology many web pages go above in beyond, some work others tend to go too far and therefore loose potential clients. […]

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Web Design Tutorial: The Most Common Mistakes in Website Design

Website designing and developing is a large business from a long time, but this business include varies level of design professionalism. There are a huge number of websites on the Internet that already growing every second, however the range of professionalism is huge, you can find a lot of good websites but you can find […]

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