Web Design Tutorial: The Most Common Mistakes in Website Design


Website designing and developing is a large business from a long time, but this business include varies level of design professionalism. There are a huge number of websites on the Internet that already growing every second, however the range of professionalism is huge, you can find a lot of good websites but you can find a lot of bad ones too, so what makes a good website? And what are the common mistakes people makes in there website, well in our topic today we will take a look at this common errors and how to avoid them?
First Issue: Domain names between the free domains and the other good ones
If you think you will save some money by pick up a free domain for your website, well it’s a big mistake to do that. By picking up a free domain name you losing your website ranking, and by choosing a free domain name you making a huge risk for your business if it is a business website by losing your own relevant name to your website, this way you can lose your own integrity then your customer as well. Finally the best choice for you is to have a good domain name, and it doesn’t cost must to have your own domain name.
– Avoid the free domain names

Second Issue: Hosting and the free offers
Please avoid all this free offers, Free hosting puts there own advertising in every free website they have on there servers, and this is not good of your website. Another reason to have your own hosting and avoid the free offers, with your own hosting you have all control over your website and every thing on it.
– Avoid the free hosting at all cost

Third Issue: Colours
All web designers knows that there is good web colours and there is bad ones, let’s have an example of the bad combination, Red and Blue over each other is a very bad combination, when you have a red background with a blue text over it, it’s very hard to see clearly, so avoid all this hard colours combination and try to select a good colour combination that match with each other, good on the eyes and clearly and easy to read.
Try to choose the light colours in the background like the white colour for instance, and black text colour is the best on the eyes.
Try to avoid dark background, specially black background, also avoid light colours on text, specially white colour text cause it’s very bad for printing as well.
– Avoid hard colours combinations
– Good colours combinations: colour match with each other, good on the eyes and clearly and easy to read.
– Keep it simple, The first low to produce a very professional look for your good website.
– White Back ground, Black Text. Ideal colour choice.

Forth Issue: All Flash Websites
We all know and love flash website, right!! It’s all fun and looks really great, but it’s a big mistake. When you decide to have your website all flash, you have no hope at all to reach search engine ranking by any chance. Even if you put all the modifications you need and Meta Tags and everything, your website will be nowhere to be ranked or found in any of this search engines.
– Flash websites can look great and be fun to use, but there is no hope of Google ever finding it.

Fifth Issue: Tags
The most important tags you must make sure to fill in your website:
The Title Tag, it’s the first thing search engines looks for, so try to add some keyword to your website, once you have your website over the hosting do not edit this title ,it may cause your website ranking to be lost.
The Heading Tag, Header tag should also have some keywords to describe your web site, search engine use header tags in the ranking process as well.
– Title Tag + Heading Tag = Ranking ( SEO search engine optimization )
– Don’t ever forget to have this tags filled before uploading to your own host.

For sure there is a lot more than this, but this is a very good start when you talk about good and bad websites. In this topic we cover all the most common mistakes that you have to avoid to have a good website. Until Next time, Have Fun.