Website Design Layout: How to Make a Successful Website


Just like any other web site your design layout can make or break you. First impressions are always the lasting ones. There are many characteristics that make up a good, successful website. With today’s technology many web pages go above in beyond, some work others tend to go too far and therefore loose potential clients. A big issue is colour.
I have seen a lot of sites that like to use coloured backgrounds and then go and use coloured text that clashes with their background colour therefore making it more of an eyesore. It is necessary to make sure that if you decide to use colour on your site make sure it’s “easy on the eyes, but also stands out.” (Good Web Page Characteristics, 2007)

In most cases “less is more.” Don’t go overboard on graphics. The more you use on your site the longer it takes to load. Even though more people have high speed internet there are some that are still using dial up and they need to get their information just like anyone else. I have high speed internet and there are still some sites that take a while to load and 9 out of 10 times if it doesn’t load up immediately for me I close it out and look elsewhere for the information I’m looking for.

If you are going to add graphics to your web site make sure they are relevant to what your web site is about, don’t go adding graphics just to fill up space on your web pages sometimes white space is a good thing. (Good Web Page Characteristics, 2007)

When designing your website, make sure the layout is consistent. You don’t want the viewer to go from one page to another wondering if they are on the same site because each page is set up completely different. Try to keep the overall layout out the same so your site can be navigated through easily. Be sure to use the same colours and fonts throughout the site. When choosing fonts make sure you stick to the basics not everyone’s computer has the fancy fonts, they may be nice but will be pointless in most case because they cannot be viewed on every computer. (Good Web Page Characteristics, 2007)